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Fieldlens by RedTeam
Fieldlens by RedTeam

Intuitive construction jobsite management solution for efficient collaboration. Connect teams in the field, reduce rework and complete projects on time.

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Fieldlens - The Basics

Get started with Fieldlens and see everythgin you need to know at a glance.

Fieldlens Overview and Pricing
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Fieldlens - Project Setup & Management

Learn how to better organize and create Projects, manage your teams, set up Locations, Categories and group your projects.

Fieldlens - How to create a ProjectStarting a new project in Fieldlens
Fieldlens - Project OrganizerUnderstanding the role of a Project Organizer in Fieldlens
Fieldlens - How do I make someone a Project Organizer?Project organizers can upload drawings and update your project settings.
Fieldlens - Manage the People pageEvery Fieldlens project has a project directory - the People page
Fieldlens - Adding People to ProjectsInviting people and adding companies to your projects
Fieldlens - Project AddressAdding an address to your Fieldlens project
Fieldlens - Setting up Project LocationsProject locations help your team stay organized
Fieldlens - Setting up Project CategoriesCategories help your project team stay organized.
Fieldlens - How to Join or leave a Project(s)User can join any project that their company is on unless it's private
Fieldlens - Closing and re-opening ProjectsManage, close and re-open your projects Projects
Fieldlens - Grouping your projects
All you need to know about the Fieldlens & RedTeam Flex IntegrationHow to connect the RedTeam Flex <> Fieldlens Integration and start collaborating between the 2 apps.
Fieldlens - Removing users from your company
Fieldlens - Deactivate User Account When Someone Leaves Your Company
Fieldlens - Setting up Resource TrackingSetting up Resources and Unit Codes in Fieldlens
Fieldlens user roles explainedLearn what you can do in Fieldlens based on your role in a Project.

Fieldlens - Posts

All about interacting with your team via Project Posts. Learn to create and reply to posts.