Fieldlens is available to use Offline when your device is disconnected from the internet. However, there are some features that are limited while working offline. This article will review what you can do and what you can't when you are off-grid.


You can see the list of all your Projects, and use the Search box to locate the project you want to work on.

You can open Projects you've worked on your mobile device previously since data is stored locally when you open a project and navigate on posts and drawings. Opening a project that you've never worked on your Mobile device will trigger a warning that you need to connect to a network.

You can not create new projects when you are not connected to a network.


When you are working on a Project while Offline, you can read and view all the posts, but you might not be able to view full-size images or attached files, Some thumbnails might be available if you have been working on this project recently.

What you can do with Posts while you are Offline:

  • Search and Filter posts

  • Create Posts

  • Update posts

  • Edit Focus options

  • See thumbnails for Pinned drawings

  • Add photos and attachments

  • Assign post to a Company or person

  • Select Categories

  • Create new categories

  • Assign location to the post

  • Drawing markups

  • Enter Weather

  • Enter resource tracking

Some options are not available offline when creating and viewing posts:

  • See full-size images that are not previously saved on your device

  • See thumbnails for pinned drawings.

All changes, updates, and new posts will upload to your project once you are back online.


Project Drawings are visible online only if they have been previously saved on your device, we show indicators in the list to identify which files are visible and which ones need to be downloaded first.

Check Mark = File has been stored locally

Download icon = File needs to be downloaded to the device.

Once you open the drawing you can compare versions, view posts on the drawing, and create new posts.

All your changes will upload to your project once you are back online. You'll see the banner "Awaiting Connection" on the Focus section and also next to the post that has updates waiting to synchronize.


While working offline you can see and manage the People working on your project, you can see their contact cards and you can create new posts for anyone in your project.
You can not create or add new people to your project while you are disconnected from the Internet.


There's no way to create or send Reports while you are offline, you'll need an Internet connection in order to save and email reports from your mobile device.


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