You can change the due date on a post under certain circumstances:

  • If you created the original post.

  • If you added assignees to someone else’s post, you can edit the due date for those assignees.

  • If someone from your company created the post and assigned it to a company or a person outside of your company.

You can only change your own due date if you assigned the post to yourself.

On your mobile device

Tap into the post to get started.

  • Tap on the orange Assign button in the bottom left-hand corner.

  • Tap the top due date to change the due date for the entire post or the due date next to a specific assignee.

  • Choose Edit Due Date (choose to Delete to remove the due date completely).

  • Choose the new due date and tap Set.

Click Update from the top right.

On the web

The process is very similar on the web.

  • Click on the post and choose Update assignees from the bottom left.

  • Click on the relevant due date to update the date or click on the x to delete it entirely.

  • You can set the same due date for all the assignees also.

Click Update to save the change.

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