Sometimes you may want to unpublish - or entirely delete - a drawing from Fieldlens. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Drawings Page within any project from the Fieldlens web app.

  2. Once there, hover over your drawing to see a check box to the left (upper left on thumbnail view).

  3. Once one or more drawings are selected, you’ll see Delete and Unpublish buttons at the top right.
    Note: you can bulk select an entire page of drawings at once by clicking "Select page" from the top left.

  4. If you want to remove the drawings from Fieldlens entirely, tap the Delete button. Note that this will permanently get rid of these drawings and they will not be able to be recovered. You will need to reupload them if necessary.

  5. If you need to delete drawings that have posts pinned to them, you will need to first remove the posts from the drawings. If the posts are left as is, the selected drawings will be unpublished and not deleted.

Note: you must be a Project Organizer to unpublish or delete project drawings.

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