By using native sharing extensions on both iOS and Android, you can share photos and attachments from your device directly into Fieldlens posts.

Share to Fieldlens from iOS

  • From your Photo Gallery or while viewing an attachment, select the standard share icon on the top right.

  • Choose Fieldlens from the presented share options. If you don’t see the Fieldlens icon, press the "..." menu, and turn on Fieldlens from the Activities page.

  • Enter a title and choose the appropriate project from your project list.

  • When ready, hit Post to upload to Fieldlens. This will create a draft in the selected project.

  • You can then open Fieldlens on your device, navigate to the draft, and complete the rest of the post details.

Share to Fieldlens from Android

  • You’ll also use the native share button to do this on your Android device (these will vary by device).

  • Choose Fieldlens from the options, and select the appropriate project.

  • At this point, however, you’ll be brought directly into a new post form to complete the post details. This will NOT create a draft on Android but will post directly to the project Feed.

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