Search for a Drawing

Click the magnifying glass on the left of the Drawings page to search through your drawings library. Type in a keyword or drawing name, and then hit Enter.

Filter Drawings

Slide out the toolbar on the left of the page to filter through your drawings and refine your list.

Narrow your drawings down by:

  • Drawing availability -- choose to view published or unpublished drawings.

  • Has posts -- look at drawings with posts pinned to them.

  • Unconfirmed -- view drawings that have unconfirmed matches.

  • Disciplines -- Filter your drawings by discipline, choosing to see only plans marked as Architectural or Electrical, for example.

  • Locations -- look at drawings for a specific project location.

  • Tags -- view all of your drawings with a particular tag, like the bulletin number.

Using the search option from the top you can search by Name or Number.

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