Fieldlens makes it possible to schedule your reports to run automatically - for example many users set their daily report to run at 6PM, including all posts added that day. As always, reports are generated based on the posts created by the project team.

Create a Recurring Report

To set up recurring reports you will need to access the web app. Click on the Export report button from the upper right above the Feed.

In the reports panel, you'll have the option to edit the Schedule. Tap the pencil icon and fill in the checkbox to automatically run the report. From there, you can choose whether you want to run a report every day, every week week, two weeks and so on, and set the exact days, times, and duration your report will run.

Managing your recurring reports

Recurring reports will update according to the criteria you set. So if you've specified "Posted Today" and set it to run every weekday at 5PM, it will run a report every Monday through Friday like clockwork, including all new posts from each day.

To edit the schedule or report criteria - or pause the report - click Reports at the top of the web app.

Here, you’ll see the option to view all reports, scheduled reports, one-time reports, and reports that have been shared with you.

Clicking on My report schedules will bring you to all reports you have scheduled. Click on the “...” to the right of the report to edit the report schedule - or put it on pause. Click Update Report when done.

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