You can look back at the reports you’ve created and run in Fieldlens from the web app. You’ll be able to see reports that have been shared with you as well as single or recurring reports.

Click Reports at the top of the project feed to see the full list. On the left of the Reports Page, you can click to see:

  • All reports - a catalogue of every report you’ve run (or that has been shared with you) on this project.

  • My one-time reports - the individual reports you have previously run.

  • Reports shared with me - reports that have been shared with you by other Fieldlens users on this project.

  • My report schedules - the recurring reports you have set up - both active and paused.

My report schedules gives you an overview of when your report is scheduled, who is shared on it, and how many times it has been run. Click the reports icon to access the full history of your recurring reports and view each one individually. You can also edit or pause your schedule from this page - just click the 3 dots button from the right of the report record.

At the top of the reports lists (All reports, and My one-time reports), click on Created to sort from oldest to newest or vice versa - or filter alphabetically from A to Z and Z to A by tapping on Name.

Within these pages, you’ll be able to download or re-run past reports and edit scheduled reports whenever necessary. To get these options, tap the “...” to the right of the report name.

Viewing reports as a Company Admin

If you are a Company Administrator, on your Reports Page you’ll also be able to see any reports and report schedules run by another person in your company.

The left-hand side of your Reports Page will be divided into “My reports” and “My company’s reports.” By clicking on each list, you’ll again have the option to sort your reports alphabetically or chronologically.

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