Only Project Organizers can upload drawings from the web app using the PDF uploader. This option can be accessed via the Drawings tab at the top of the Fieldlens web app.

Drawings are only available for users in our Advanced Plan.

Processing drawings

Drawing files uploaded to Fieldlens may take a few minutes to process. Generally, this is extremely fast - but during periods of high activity, there may be delays.

Here’s how to check the status of your drawings:

  1. Click the drop-down menu on the View Uploads button to view your Processing Queue.

  2. Use the drop-down on the upper left of the popup to see if the files are still processing, have been uploaded, or if there was an error.

If you do find that your drawings are taking an excessively long time to process, please reach out to our coaches using the chat bubble located on the bottom left of your screen.

Drawing names and numbers

Fieldlens sets the plan number and name automatically - the plan number and name is based on the information in the title box on the drawing.

The title box will also inform us of the Discipline by using industry-standard designators. For example, “A-101” will have Architecture as a Discipline, and “E-101” will be assigned as Electrical.

While this works for most PDF files, you should still double-check names and numbers for accuracy.


All of your drawings are here until you publish them to the project. Fieldlens lets you review the uploader to make sure the drawing names, numbers, disciplines, etc are set up the way you want.

Updating Drawing names and numbers

You can scan the individual drawing yourself if the processor has a hard time finding the name and number.

Scan individual drawing name:

Scan individual drawing numbers:

Bulk update drawing numbers and names

You can pick where the processor pulls the drawing number and name from if the title block isn't in the bottom right-hand corner, or the processor has trouble finding the right information.

Bulk scan drawing numbers:

Bulk scan drawing names:

Publish drawings to the project

Click the "Publish all drawings" button once your Unreviewed drawings are set up the way you want them. This makes all the unreviewed drawings accessible to everyone on the project. (You can select a few drawings if you don't want to publish all of them)

Viewing your uploaded drawings

Once they’re uploaded and processed, you can view your drawings on the web or mobile app.

  • Drawings can be viewed within a Fieldlens project by navigating to the Drawings library from the top of the web app or the menu on the bottom right for mobile devices.

  • Revisions, however, will have to be approved before becoming available to your users.

Drawings will appear on the mobile app in one of three ways:

  1. A blue check box indicates the drawing is on your mobile device and is the latest version.

  2. A green arrow means the drawing has not been downloaded.

  3. If a drawing is marked red, it is out of date and a newer version is available.

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