Revisions to drawings will need to be approved by a Project Organizer before they are available to the rest of the project team.

Reviewing Matched Drawings

On the Drawings Page of the web app you can review unreviewed matched drawings in one view all at once and update them in bulk. All you have to do is his the Unreviewed button in the navigation panel on the left of the browser.

Once clicked you’ll see a list of all the drawings you uploaded, which drawing they're replacing, and values to update the drawing name, number discipline, or version.

Incorrect matches

If Fieldlens is incorrectly matching one of your drawings, simply enter a new plan number. If it’s a completely new plan just enter the new plan number. You can also click Delete by hitting the hamburger button on the right of the drawing thumbnail.

Viewing older versions

Once a new version of a plan is approved it will be available for download on mobile devices. Older versions remain available only from the web app.

Click Edit on the bottom right of the drawing thumbnail or tap “...” then Edit to the right of the drawing name in list view. In the Edit drawing panel, you’ll be able to view all past versions. Use the drop down menu to access and view a previous version -- when viewing this older plan, the entire screen will be highlighted red. To make a previous version available to users on the mobile app, click Make current on the right.

Drawings that are out of date will be also marked red on the mobile app, and your users will be prompted to download the current version.

Compare Drawing Versions on the web

To learn more on how to use our Compare tool, please click here

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