Important Note: All RFIs are public. That means everyone using Fieldlens that’s on the project can see these posts.

Creating punch list posts from the mobile app:

  1. Hit “+”

  2. Hit “Punch”

  3. Select drawing

  4. Drop a pin on the drawing

  5. Write issue

  6. Take picture/s

  7. Add “Who is responsible” (the assignee/s)

  8. The date is automatically added (but you can change)

  9. Create

You can make the process even faster by going through the specific workflow and selecting the “+” on the top right of the screen.

Flagging a post from the web:

  1. You can select a Safety or Deficiency flag from the Post flag drop-down when creating a New Post.

  2. Click Assign to add an assignee. You can also type a name or email address in the Assign field.

  3. Recommended: Set a due date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the assignee’s name.

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