Categories are a way for your team to keep your project information organized. When used properly they’ll help you quickly find posts, view related posts easily, and send out or automate reports. Categories are common to the project — meaning everyone can see and use them when creating posts.

Adding categories on mobile

When creating a new post you can add categories by tapping the green tag button from the quick action bar.

From there you can add one or more categories by choosing from the list. Once you’ve added them and tapped Save you’ll see them in the create form. Need to remove one? Just tap it and select Remove.

Adding categories on the web

When creating a new post, simply click on the Tag at the bottom of the New post form.

You’ll be able to type to search or scroll through the list of categories to select the appropriate ones. Once you’ve been adding categories to the posts on a particular project, you’ll be presented with a Most Recent as well as an All Categories list.

If the Post is already created and you need to add Categories later, you can do it from the top Edit icon on the post and then click on Add categories from the options list.

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