A Project Organizer in Fieldlens has certain administrative controls over the organization of the project.

By default, the person that created the project is a Project Organizer - but other people may have the role assigned to them.

Need to know who your Project Organizer is? Head to the People page and look for the star icon next to a name. From there, click into their profile to contact them directly.

Project organizers can:

  • Create, manage, and lock* Categories and Locations.

  • Upload and manage project drawings.

  • Manage the project directory (including removing users and editing unregistered profiles) found on the People page.

  • Grant other users project organizer status.

*Categories and Locations can be locked by the Project Organizer to prevent further changes from other Fieldlens users, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Fieldlens recommendation: Have a central person -- or group of people -- within your organization oversee all project administration in Fieldlens. This will set a company-wide standard and make setting up future projects a breeze.

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