Click your profile picture in the top right to access a drop-down menu and then select Settings to view your personal and company profiles and settings.

Your User Profile

You’ll maintain your own profile information within Fieldlens. Click Edit Profile to update your profile image, title, or contact information. You’ll also be able to change the email and password associated with your account -- as well as deactivate the account altogether.

Your Notifications

You can also control your notification settings from this page. By default, you’ll receive a daily email update for each project you’re on in Fieldlens. To adjust this, choose Notifications from the left of the screen. Read more about notifications here.

Company Settings

If you are a Company Admin, you’ll also be able to edit and maintain your company’s profile.

Your company logo, contact details, and company type can and should be kept up to date as it will be a part of the project directory (“People Page”) on every project your company is on.

Additional Company Admin options from the Company Settings page:

  • Click Activity to view user activity and license information.

  • Click Resources to set up resources and unit codes for your users. Read more about Resource Tracking here.

  • Only allow company admins to add users with a non-company matching domain - users that register with a company email ( or similar) will automatically be added to your company. However, users with other emails (Gmail or yahoo, for example) can also be added to your company. If you’d like these additions to be controlled by company admins only, check the box.

  • Auto-add all company administrators to all projects created by your company’s users - checking this box will add your company admins to all currently existing projects created by your users as well as any created moving forward.

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