How do I access my Settings?

  1. Tap the “...” button for Android from the top right of your project feed, or the "Gear" button on the top left corner for iOs

  2. Click Settings.

From your mobile Settings page, you’ll be able to:

Adjust Notifications

Edit your push and email notifications. You can also create project-specific settings to mute or tweak notifications for a particular project. Available for Android and iOS)

Send information to Customer Success - Available only on iOS

Sending the following information to the Fieldlens Customer Success team will help them troubleshoot any issues you experience.

  • Send request logs - a record of commands you have made in the mobile app.

  • Send database - a collection of data, including posts and media, pending sync.

Retry pending syncs - Available on Android and iOS

You may notice a pending sync message at the bottom of a post -- meaning your posts, comments, or media have not yet reached all users on a project with you.

Posts may take some time to sync across devices if you have narrow data bandwith. This could be because you have weak cell signal, are in and out of different reception areas, are logging onto different wifi networks, or are working with a hot spot.

If this happens, our Customer Success team may direct you to send non uploaded posts, send non uploaded post comments, and send non uploaded media from within the Settings page.

Important: if you have posts and media pending sync, do not log out or delete the app. All pending data will be wiped from the device and unrecovered.

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