The Fieldlens Drawings feature allows the entire project team to view, markup, and add posts to the project plans, making it easy to document and locate Jobsite issues from anywhere.

NOTE: Drawings is a feature included for users in our Advanced Plan.

Plans are uploaded and organized by the Project Organizer from the web app. Once they’ve been uploaded they are available to all users on both the project from the mobile and web apps.

You can add annotations that will be attach to a post, or create Redline annotations that will be available for everyone on the Project Team.

As you and your team start to add posts to the plans, you’ll see pin icons on your drawings. When you click on one, you'll see the pictures, video, conversation, and everything else associated with it. You can use the filters and search to look at a subset of posts as well as see the posts from that drawing in a list view.

Get started by navigating to your plans and adding a pin. No drawings uploaded yet? Check the example set out in your Company's Workspace.

Keep in mind that Fieldlens is intended to manage Drawings only, we do not recommend uploading Spec books as part of your Project Drawings set.

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