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RedTeam Go - How Do I send Bid Invitations?
RedTeam Go - How Do I send Bid Invitations?

How to send bid invitations.

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After you have completed your Bidding Worksheet, go to Bidding>Invitation List to prepare Bid Invitations.

  • Take the Tour to learn about the Bid Invitation process.

  • Set or Update your Bid Invitation Due Date and Time.

  • Customize your list with the information below or click Send to Email the Bid Invitations to all Invitees on the list.

  • Subs and Vendors will be able to click on the link in the Email and submit bids that will pull back into your Bidding Worksheet.

  • These values can also be reviewed from the Invitation Responses Tab below

To change the Filters that are used to compile the suggested Bid list, go to Set Filters button to adjust the parameters.

Add and Remove Bidders

Expand Divisions and Cost Items to see the suggested Invitee list for each:

  • Click Add Invitees to locate and add additional bidders from your database

  • Use Remove All to Clear our all invitees from a Cost Item

  • Click Send All to send to just the Contractors in that cost item

Click on Company Name to drill down to view all cost items a Company will be invited to bid on. These can include cost items from the Base Bid, Alternates, Units or Phases if you have these items included in your Estimate.

  • Click Company Bid to view Bid Pricing

  • Remove to take that Bidder off the Invitation list

Send A Single Invitation

To send an invitation to just one Company or one Contact, begin typing the name in the search window until all other options disappear. Then click the blue Send button to send invitations to only those selected.

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