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RedTeam Go - How to add and edit estimate templates?
RedTeam Go - How to add and edit estimate templates?

This article will teach you how to add and edit your estimate templates.

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The RedTeam Go site comes with several Estimate Templates for various types of construction projects. Each time you create a Project in RedTeam Go, you will be prompted to select an Estimate Template. These templates quickly start a project with a set of standard cost codes typically used for the type of Construction. These templates can be customized in Administration. To access administration you will need the administrator role checked in your Company Contact profile.

Use the top menu to access Administration. Click on Profile > Administration

On the Left-Side navigation menu, click on Cost Codes > Estimate Templates. This will open the ability to add or edit a template.

To add a new Construction Type (Estimate template), Type a Name in the text box and select Add.

You will find your new estimate name in the Edit Existing Construction Type Drop down.

To update the newly create Template select Update.

To edit an existing template first, select the estimate template you want to edit.

Choose the division set

Expand divisions by clicking on the light gray bar.

Click on the cost codes on the left to assign it to the selected template on the right. To remove the cost code from the selected template, click on the cost code listed on the right to move it back to the left.

This screen will save changes automatically.

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