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Fieldlens - Adding Locations & Pinning Posts to Drawings
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Pinning your post to a drawing or adding a location to your post - or both - will help keep your posts organized and will let others on the job site find the location of the documented issues and observations.

  • Pin to drawing - allows you to pick from your project plans and drop a pin on a specific location.

  • Add a location - allows you to pick from a list of project locations. Locations can be nested up to four levels deep, so you can add something as broad as Building A or as specific as Building A → First Floor → Gymnasium → Men’s room.

Project plans and locations should be set up and organized by your Project Organizer at the beginning of the project. Under certain circumstances, you’ll be able to add new locations while you’re posting, but typically this option will be locked by the Project Organizer to ensure consistency across all posts.

Pinning Posts to Drawings

From your mobile device

Option 1: Tap Drawings from the bottom of your mobile screen and select a drawing from the list.

Pan and zoom around the drawing to find the right spot and then long-press to drop your pin. This will launch you into the New Post form to finish documenting the issue. Once posted you’ll be dropped back into that same drawing ready to start your next post.

Option 2: You can also start by creating a new post and then selecting the location/pin icon from the toolbar and selecting Pin to drawing. Once posted you’ll land back in the project Feed.

From the web app

Option 1: Click Drawings from the top of your screen and select the appropriate drawing. Click on the New post on… button from the top right corner, zoom in if necessary, and click to pin your post. Once posted you’ll be brought back to the same drawing.

Option 2: Just like on mobile, you can start by clicking New Post from the project Feed. From there click on the pin to a drawing icon from the bottom action bar, and then select the appropriate drawing from the dropdown menu on the top left.

Adding a location to a post

From your mobile device

From the create form, tap the same pin icon from the bottom action bar and choose Add a location. From here select a location from the list, or click the arrow to the right of each location to select a sublocation.

From the web app

From the web app there are two options for adding locations:

  • Click into the search bar and type the location name. You can also click Browse from here to view the location list.

  • Click the location pin from the bottom action bar to launch into the location list.

Locations associated with drawings

Your Project Organizer may choose to associate project locations with specific drawings. In this case, pinning your post to a drawing will automatically add a location to the post as well. You can still click into the location before posting if you need to make it more specific.

For example, if you pin your post to a drawing associated with the 2nd floor, you can tap into the location to adjust it to 2nd floor → Bathroom 2nd Floor > Janitor Closet.

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