In Fieldlens, articles can not be deleted, however, if you made a mistake and created a post that shouldn't be there, you can Void it. Only the creator of a Post can void it, no one can void another user's posts, even if it's the project Organizer.

Voiding a post in Fieldlens removes that post from the Feed and your reports. This action will void the post for all users - not just the user doing the action.

The option to Void posts is only available on the Web version, you can not void posts from the Mobile app.

Follow these steps to Void one or more posts.

To Void a single post:

Click the 3 dots menu for the post and click Void Post.

To Void more than one post:

Use the checkboxes to select the records you need to Void, then click the More option on the top right corner and select Void.

If you need to review voided posts or you need to recover a Post that was Voided by mistake you can still do so. This option is available only on the Web.

View Voided posts using the filters on your left menu. You will find all the Voided posts on the Void Posts filter.

To recover any Post from this list, click the 3 dots menu on the right and click Reactivate. This action will recover the post and leave it in Open status.

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