All Fieldlens FREE users can upgrade to an Advanced plan right from their Profile settings menu.

Free license users can have access to these features:

✓ Unlimited Projects
✓ Unlimited Photos & Markups
✓ RFIs & Submittals
✓ Safety & Punch Lists

If you want to take advantage of all of our features, you can buy an Advanced license which comes with all the FREE features PLUS:

✓ Upload & Markup Drawings
✓ Create & Schedule Reports
✓ Advanced & Custom Filters
✓ Daily Reports

We offer different plans and pricing according to the number of licenses and billing cycles you'd like to choose.

See the instructions below:

Free user and Company Admin adding licenses for the first time

  1. Click Upgrade from the Profile menu:

2. Enter the number of licenses you want to buy, you can buy monthly or annual plans.

3. Click Subscribe on the selected plan and enter your billing information on the next page. Once the payment is processed, the licenses would be added to the company account.

4. You'll be prompted to the next screen where you can assign the licenses to the Company users.

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