Fieldlens has made it possible to bulk duplicate your posts to different locations on a project. From the web app you can select posts and duplicate them to the same location — or to multiple different locations — all at once.

If you need to create the same work-to-complete list across all the bathrooms on a project, for example, you can just post each task once, and then bulk duplicates them to every relevant location.

Here’s how:

  • First, head to any project and go to the Posts tab.

  • Then select the posts you want to duplicate by checking the boxes to the left.

  • Use the More menu on the top right and select Duplicate Posts from the drop-down.

  • You'll then be able to choose to duplicate your posts to the same location or multiple different locations -- or remove the location entirely from your duplicate posts.

To duplicate to the current location -- or remove the location entirely -- select the option and click Create.

To duplicate your posts to different locations, click Next and select one or more locations you wish to duplicate your posts. If you select multiple locations it will create the same number of posts for each location.

For example, if you selected 3 posts to duplicate, and you selected 2 locations, you'll have 6 posts total created at the end of this process.

What information will duplicate?

All the information entered in the original posts will be carried over into the duplicate posts - including Title and Description, Assignees and Due Dates, and Categories, Post Flags, and Media. The conversations and reactions in the original posts, however, will not be copied.

Duplicate Lists

Have the same checklist that needs to get signed off on for each location of a project? You can simply create a list of posts to duplicate later.

Just add a category to your posts to keep them together -- a category of Checklist, for example -- so you can quickly find the posts and bulk duplicate them if they are needed again in the future.

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