Resource Tracking allows you to add and track things like people and companies on the job, work done, hours worked, materials used and more.

Your Company Administrator will add unit codes and resources to the company profile on the web app, and they will be available across all projects for your users.

You can also add new resources when posting by tapping Add a Resource and entering a first and last name.

The unit codes include names and descriptions to document the exact type of work performed by a resource during the documented hours - regular, premium or overtime.

You can also track headcount of the companies or disciplines on the job with you. Any companies that have been added to the project will be available to select for documentation - or you can choose from the list of trades on the discipline tab.

Tracking resources for previous dates

You’ll see an option within the web app to change the date of the resource tracking entry before you save it. On the mobile app you’ll first save the entry and return to the main post form. From there you can click on the date next to the resource tracking entry to edit it.

Copy resource tracking from a previous day

If you have the same or similar resources to track each day you can copy the entry from a previous post and make any necessary edits. You’ll see the option at the bottom of the mobile screen and to the right of the window on the web.

Enter Resource Tracking on the mobile app

When creating a new post, tap the “...” on the bottom right hand corner to pull up more options and tap Resource Tracking.

Enter Resource Tracking on the web app

When creating a new post on the web, click on the hardhat icon on the bottom of the panel. From here, you’ll be asked to select the date for what is being documented.

Tracking Options: Resources vs. Companies/Disciplines

For Resources:

  1. Select the name of the resource.

  2. Enter their Regular/Premium/Over Time.

  3. Choose the Unit Code.

  4. Enter the Quantity.

  5. Tap +Add (mobile only - web adds automatically).

For Companies/Disciplines:

  1. Select the company you are tracking. If a company is not in Fieldens, you can still count it - just select the discipline they fall under.

  2. Enter the number of workers they had onsite.

  3. Tap Save (mobile only - web adds automatically).

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