All I see are pictures and PDFs, when I open a post, but I don’t know which of those we’re discussing or have the approval to move forward with. I don’t have time to scroll through all of the post’s media or follow the comments to figure out which one I should pay attention to.

You can Pin important images or documents to be displayed on the top section of your post.

From the document or image, click the 3 dots menu and select Pin media or Pin Attachment, depending on what type of file are you trying to pin.

Pin Media lets your team know the piece of media they should focus on at the exact moment they look at the post.

Pinned media will have a red pin on the top left corner of the record, you can remove the pinned images to pin new ones using the same 3 dots menu and selecting Remove pin.

Less confusion and more action.

Steps after opening a post

  1. Open post

  2. Hover the mouse over the media

  3. Hit three dots on the top left corner

  4. Hit pin post

Steps while in post's media viewer

  1. Open post

  2. Click on media

  3. Hit the pin icon on the top right of the screen

Pin Media on the Mobile App

  1. Open post

  2. Select Media

  3. Tap screen

  4. Hit thumbnail icon on the top right

  5. Select Pin Media button

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