If you accidentally add a post to the wrong project within Fieldlens you can easily move it to the correct project from the web app.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into the web app and select the project the post was created in.

  2. From the Feed view -- or from within a post -- click the “...” button on the top right to access the overflow menu.

  3. Tap Move post to another project and select the project you want the post to be in.

  4. Select the destination Project and Move Post.

This will duplicate the post in the correct project while marking the original VOID in the incorrect project.

What will be copied when I move a post?

All attachments, media, and comments from the original post will be copied into the new post. People, locations, and categories will also be carried over, and added to the project if necessary. Any posts pinned to a drawing, however, will no longer be pinned to that drawing once moved.

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