You may notice a Can't send updates message at the top of a post on your mobile device (or comments and media highlighted in red). This means your posts, comments, or media have not yet reached all users on a project with you. If this happens you can manually sync them from within the Settings page on your mobile device.

Important: if you have posts and media pending sync, do NOT log out or delete the app. All pending data and posts that have not yet made it into the system will be wiped from the device and unrecoverable.

See video below:

How do I sync my failed posts and media?

  1. Hit the gear icon on the top left of the screen

2. Go to Settings

3. Hit debugging

4. Hit Send non uploaded media

You have 0 failures but the error message still shows.

If it shows there are no posts waiting to sync, please ignore the error. It looks like we may have a bug where that message appears when it shouldn't.

If anyone has a number indicating posts that did not sync, clicking okay should force the sync. If it still doesn't, please have them reach out to us here. If everything seems like it's synced, please ignore the message for now.

If you have any number of failures please let us know

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