As you’re walking a jobsite, you may need create a series of similar posts - whether they need to be assigned to the same companies, are in the same location or have the same categories, you can use Post & copy to keep moving quickly.

With Post & copy turned on, as you post, you launch directly into a new post with the same categories, assignees, locations, and recipients. You can click into any of these if they need to be adjusted, and fill in a new title and description for each post (or let the categories create your title - which will happen automatically if you leave the title blank).

How do I turn on Post & copy?

  1. From the post panel on your mobile device, tap the “...” on the bottom right.

  2. Within the overflow menu, you’ll see Advanced Options. Slide the toggle next to Post & copy to activate it.

  3. Fill out your post details as usual and click Post.

  4. Once a post is created, a new post panel will immediately appear -- carrying over categories, assignees, locations, and recipients. You can edit these details as needed.

  5. To turn this feature off, go back to the “...” and slide the toggle to the left -- or click on Post & copy from within the post itself.

Post & Copy will start a new post with the same people, categories, assignees and location.

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