Who sees your posts is up to you: who you've included in the ‘To’ field at the top, and who you have assigned the post to.

Sent To

At the top of your new post you’ll see the To field, which is where you’ll specify who will receive your post - either within Fieldlens or as an email.

Your first post will say My company - this is the default and means all users from your company that are on the job with you will see this post. This helps keep your team in the loop and makes it easy for users that join the project later to get caught up - they’ll immediately have access to all of your posts that have My company in the To field.

Tap or click that To field to add or remove recipients. You can send Fieldlens posts to:

  • Individual users on the project with you. Pick them from the list (click Browse on the web) or type to search.

  • All users from any company on the job with you. Just like adding all users from your company to a post, you can make sure all users from a specific company have access to your post - regardless of when they join the project. Just select their company name.

  • Anyone with an email address. You can enter an email address or scroll through your phone’s contacts. Fieldlens users will be added to the project and non-users will receive an email with the post details. Their replies back to that email will come back into Fieldlens and be added to your post.

Adding Assignees

You can assign Fieldlens posts as well - turning them into action items for the assigned people or companies. Assignees can (and should) have due dates added to them as well. These posts will have three distinct statuses:

  • Open - assigned work that has not been completed.

  • Resolved - the person responsible for the work has indicated they are finished.

  • Closed - work has been confirmed as completed.

Just like adding recipients to the To field, you can assign posts to individual users, companies and anyone with an email address.

You can also, however, add a trade discipline as an assignee. Say that you’re starting to build task lists and see work for the plumber - but the plumber won’t be on the job for two weeks yet and hasn’t been added to the Fieldlens project. Assign your posts to the "Plumbing Contractor" discipline. When they join the project those posts will automatically reassign themselves to your plumber's company.

Adding assignees on the web

For New posts, click into the Assignee field and type to search or add an email address, or click Browse to view a list of users and companies on the job.

For existing Posts, you can click the Assign button on the bottom left of the post screen.

Adding assignees from mobile

Click Assign from the bottom left. You can type to search or add an email address from up top of the assignee page, or scroll through the list of users and companies on the job. You’ll also be able to select any contacts from your phone (so long as the contact includes an email address).

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