You can create an unlimited number of projects in Fieldlens. Getting started is easy - just log into the app from your mobile device or the web.

  1. From the Projects Page, tap the “+” button in the upper right on your mobile device or +New Project on the web.

  2. If you're a Company Admin, select if it's a Public or Private project (Everyone can join Public projects while people can only get invited to Private projects). Only Company Admins are allowed to create Private Projects, all other users can only create Public Projects.

  3. Give your project a name. Check to see if your company has specific naming conventions in place - for example, maybe each project title is simply an address or a project code.

  4. Enter the zip code of the jobsite. The zip code will ensure you and your team get accurate weather data based on your project location.

  5. You’ll see the option to Import data from another project. Leave this unchecked to start from scratch - or if you’ve previously created projects in Fieldlens, you can import categories and locations used on any of those. Have the same group of people working on this new project? You can also import users from an existing project.

6. Click Create.

The next step is to add people to your new project. If you want to invite others in, type in their name (if already a Fieldlens user), company, or email address. To skip this step, just click the “x” in the top right of the panel.

That’s it. Your team can start posting and documenting what they are seeing in the field - in real-time.

However, we recommend that as the project organizer, you set up the categories and locations for this new project - making your posts easier to organize and ensuring your entire team is on the same page.

When creating a Project from a Mobile device the project is created as Public by default.

You can change that from the Web version if needed and switch the project to be Private if needed.

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