As a Fieldlens user, you’ll maintain your own account and profile. Your profile is what your company and every other Fieldlens user you work with will see. Completing it will also help others contact you directly.

You can update your information anytime from the web app to add details like a photo, job title, and phone number as well as change your password.

View your profile from a mobile device

From the Projects page, tap the gear icon on the upper left and select My Profile.

Access and edit your profile from the web

From the upper right corner of any project, click Settings from the drop-down menu under your profile picture. Here, you’ll see your profile and be able to make any changes by clicking Edit Profile.

When you first log into Fieldlens, you may notice that some of your profile information has been filled out. Your Company Admin --or the person who added you to a project-- may have entered in basic details before you registered.

Changing your email:

If your email account changes, there's no need to create a new Fieldlens account with the new email. If you create a new Fieldlens account you won't have access to your current projects and documents.

The best way is to update your Fieldlens profile with the new email address.

See the image below for steps:

  1. Click on your profile photo in the top right corner.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click Edit email

4. Enter the correct email address and Save.

NOTE: If you create a new Fiedlens account with a different email address you won't have access to all your Projects and documents. We recommend updating your email address instead of creating a new account.

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