Every project will have its own Feed of the posts created by you and other members of the project team. The Feed contains all of your messages, tasks, and notes that have to do with that job - a central hub for all your project communication.

The Feed gives a summary view of each post, and clicking into a specific post gives you access to the full history, pictures, video and other details. By default, the Feed will be ordered with the most recent updates at the top.

Searching through your Feed

You can filter and search the Feed to quickly find what you're looking for.

  • Quick filters give you easy access to posts on your daily report, punch list or safety report, tasks assigned to you or that you've assigned to others and more.

  • You can easily focus on open issues that are at a certain location, assigned to a specific company, and tagged with a particular category.

  • You can save and share filters for things you need to check frequently.

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